Cold Drumpfort

Did you see Trump’s victory press conference tonight? From the Chris Christie yes-man introduction to the endless “disavowal” of something he wouldn’t name, Trump gave a masterful performance tonight. I’m pleased with how Hillary did, but it seems clear to me that many progressives and left-liberals despair at her leadership. And Trump will be a very strong candidate with massive appeal. He played heavily on the economic dissatisfaction of the white middle class. He returned again and again to the theme of strengthening American business interests – Caterpillar and John Deere both got shout outs! – through reversing the trade deficit, cutting taxes, and deporting immigrants. He wants to rebuild infrastructure, bring back manufacturing. Those are issues that will sell extremely well with blue collar voters. And he isn’t constrained by facts whatsoever.

Tonight has given the campaign a much more definite shape, but I think the hardest parts are yet to come. This summer will be ugly. Very, very ugly. Many of Bernie’s supporters will be deeply bitter about the loss. The GOP meltdown will continue, and its impossible to tell what that will look like. And more than anything, Trump’s rise will be truly a terrifying thing to behold. But I think it’s really coming now. His performance tonight was a preview. I expect by the Fourth of July we’ll see the full program.

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