On Burning Bridges

I’ve been fairly well tortured this past week by my taking Krugman’s side in the Friedman controversy. If any of my former Professors were ever going to take an interest in my fledgling blog, they certainly aren’t going to now. And its not like anybody on the Krugman side of the debate were ever going to notice me (that’s not false modesty either – its a reasonable expectation – elites don’t fraternize with us plebs).

So I figure I’ve pretty much burned any bridges, dug up the foundations and thrown them over the falls. It’s been a pretty depressing week on that front.

The vast majority of my friends are gung-ho Sanders supporters, which pretty much means I’m all on my own now. In some ways its very freeing, having no expectation of the interest of anyone in the economics community, heterodox or otherwise. Although I still marginally support Hillary, I have a very strong sense that the Democratic Party is a sinking ship. Even if she gets the nomination, and she probably will, the left will abandon her, and in the meantime she will be totally unable to deliver to her supporters. Trump will win in November, become President, and then a bunch of really terrifying stuff will happen.

So, to recap, I am on an intellectual desert island, filled with dread for the future.


Published by samuelbarbour

Besides writing a blog, I also teach, farm, cook, and play music. I live in the Illinois River Valley with my partner, Molly Breslin, who sometimes posts stuff at breslinfarms.com

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