…and one more thing…

I really hate it when I hear people say that Hillary Clinton is a Republican.

She’s a Democrat. She’s been a Democrat the whole time.

Bernie Sanders only became a Democrat when he wanted to run for President. Until then he was an “independent” – who caucused with Democrats in Congress.

The Democratic Party is not the Left. It isn’t. It never was. Not ever. It was never the “Party of People.” Never. Not in the history of the United States.

People who say Hillary is Republican and how dare she work with investment bankers and corporate executives and try to attract conservative voters – these are people who envy the current GOP its lockstep ideological bent. But the thing is, it isn’t a real ideological bent. It’s almost entirely reactionary. The only differences between the various factions of the GOP is what they’re reacting to. Some of them want to repeal the 60s. Others want to repeal the 40s. Others would like to just repeal the 20th century altogether.And none of it matters, because none of those things are possible. Those people will be disappointed and angry no matter what.

I feel like people right now simply have no grip whatsoever on how politics works. They don’t know anything about history, or about coalitions, or factions, or negotiation. They don’t really want democracy. They want everything to just go their way, even if that means everything going horribly wrong.

And I feel like Trump has a very, very good chance of being elected this fall.

Published by samuelbarbour

Besides writing a blog, I also teach, farm, cook, and play music. I live in the Illinois River Valley with my partner, Molly Breslin, who sometimes posts stuff at breslinfarms.com

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