Wild Goose Reflection #2: Van Hoy Farms

The Wild Goose Festival is in North Carolina, this year at Van Hoy Farms, in Iredell County, just off Interstate 77, an hour north of Charlotte. This was the first year at this location, and word has it the festival will be held there next year as well. All the years I’ve attended before thisContinue reading “Wild Goose Reflection #2: Van Hoy Farms”

Wild Goose ’22, Reflection #1: Dobbs

On the way to my seventh Wild Goose Festival – an annual get-together thing that I do, more or less organized around spirituality, social justice, and the arts, or something – I told my traveling partner, a Lutheran pastor from Wisconsin, that something I wanted to talk to folks about over the proceeding days wasContinue reading “Wild Goose ’22, Reflection #1: Dobbs”

Some thoughts on neoliberalism

The story goes like this: once upon a time, there were nation-states effectively ruled by aristocrats, and the liberals are the ones pushing for political reforms that lead to the empowerment of the middle and lower classes. And then there’s a big war, a tumultuous peace, and another big war. And liberalism wins! Except inContinue reading “Some thoughts on neoliberalism”

The Fletcher-Samuelson Link

A musician friend of mine posted on the ‘book a quote from a philosopher, “let me write a nation’s songs, and I care not who writes its laws…” I recognized it immediately from the well-known Paul Samuelson quote “I don’t care who writes a nation’s laws—or crafts its advanced treaties—if I can write its economicsContinue reading “The Fletcher-Samuelson Link”

I don’t feel tardy

The title of today’s blog post is a reference to Van Halen’s 1984 hit “Hot for Teacher” – I’ve always loved the guitar and drums intro on that number. Spelling out references defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? I enjoy watching clever post-modern cartoons, and I imitate their signiture move of making pop culture references, butContinue reading “I don’t feel tardy”