The longing for a break

I feel I often read something about how this or that situation is unsustainable, or untenable, or that “something’s gotta give.” There’s some phenomenon identified as wrong, and someone looks for it to result in some terrible outcome. As a general rule, I find this kind of thinking unbearably disappointing. I’m thinking about this justContinue reading “The longing for a break”

Notes on Economic Justice and the American Dream

Prepared Remarks for the Roosevelt Alumni Panel discussion of Economic Justice session at the American Dream Reconsidered Conference, Roosevelt University, 12th September 2017. (See video of the whole panel here.) It is said that the essence of the American Dream is the idea that if you work hard and play by the rules, you canContinue reading “Notes on Economic Justice and the American Dream”

A sign of things to come?

I figure Christmas this year will look a lot like Christmas last year. And next year, for that matter. The first Christmas that feels different, that’s the Christmas you remember. The question I want to ask is: how many Christmases after passing the bill currently being debated in the Senate – the Better Health Care Act? –Continue reading “A sign of things to come?”