A thought about Pence and Trump

There’s been a lot of discussion about Monday night’s Vice-Presidential candidate debate, and I had a thought I wanted to throw out there. Pence came across in the debate as a disciplined conservative messanger – because he is. He was in talk radio for a long time, he’s a dedicated conservative ideologue. He has aContinue reading “A thought about Pence and Trump”

The Perils of Salesmanship

It’s a little nuts how the Presidential debate has dominated the news media the last couple of days. And super unfortunate how people are attentive to the Presidential race, to the exclusion of all the other political races going on in the country. Considered in terms of conversation, it makes sense. We can talk aboutContinue reading “The Perils of Salesmanship”

The Necessity of Cool

I love how angry the left is over Hillary Clinton. In particular middle-aged anti-authoritarian leftist guys. Glenn Greenwald is a classic example, but there are tons of them, and they fall throughout the political spectrum. They’re usually very angry, and focused on how the system is corrupt and bad and evil and needs to beContinue reading “The Necessity of Cool”

Feelings, nothing more than feelings

This guy knocked on my door this morning, campaigning for Jerry Long, who’s the Republican running for the Illinois State House in this district. He asked me what issue was most important to me – my son was hanging out in the living room, and I didn’t want to leave him there for longer thanContinue reading “Feelings, nothing more than feelings”

Where are the racists?

I was born in 1980 and in my lifetime the conversation on race in America has always been difficult. I grew up in an affluent suburb of Cleveland where the school population was a nearly even split between white and black (there were other races, too, but almost everyone would have decribed themselves as eitherContinue reading “Where are the racists?”

A bit more on the Trump phenomenon

Yesterday I came across an article from Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo saying Trump’s takeover of the GOP is complete – that the Republican party had become an arm of conservative media, and Trump’s emergence signified that transformation. And I think that’s basically right. It seems to me that, for most conservatives, the problemContinue reading “A bit more on the Trump phenomenon”

Trump and the Banality of Evil

I’ve been seeing pieces around the internet in which people try to understand what Donald Trump, and his popularity, are all about. People come to his rallies and hoot and holler, cheer on his wild-eyed pronouncements, thrill to his irrationalities. Hillary Clinton made a speech the other day connecting Trump to the so called “alt-right”Continue reading “Trump and the Banality of Evil”

Piketty, Chapter 5

This blog is moving forward at a distressingly slow pace. I often marvel at serious bloggers frenetic production. I am just not that smart. Not that fast. Anyways, Chapter Five of Capital in the 21st Century, “The Capital/Income Ratio Over the Long Run,” features the appearance of Piketty’s “Second Fundamental Law of Capitalism,” β = s/g. TheContinue reading “Piketty, Chapter 5”