A few thoughts on this and that

So, now that we’re getting towards the part where Hillary Clinton actually becomes the Democratic nominee, there’s increasing noise from the left about how the whole process is messed up, and unfair, and, well,¬†undemocratic. The other day I saw a post from a leftist writer on the ‘book about how NPR is a terrible newsContinue reading “A few thoughts on this and that”

Hillary as Revolutionary

I posted an essay from Medium on my FB wall that concludes “Hillary Clinton is the real revolutionary working to address race, class, and gender.” And a friend of mine commented on it, and I replied, and he responded, and then I posted the following: A thoughtful response, [friend]¬†– I’d like to respond with twoContinue reading “Hillary as Revolutionary”

The communal table

I listened to Ezra Klein’s latest interview, with David Chang, the other day, and there were many notable moments therein. Chang’s use of sports metaphors, for example, I thought was interesting, because I think sports – in particular the popular team sports that dominate television, like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey – are crucial forContinue reading “The communal table”