Piketty, Chapter 4

In Chapter Four, Piketty discusses the transformation of capital in the US, and at the same time starts using popular culture references. David Cameron’s Titanic, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and Matt Weiner’s Mad Men television series – neoclassic epics written by iconoclastic white men – are all offered up as examples of how the US economy has changed overContinue reading “Piketty, Chapter 4”

Piketty: Chapter 2

These first two chapters are Piketty setting the stage for his story. In Chapter One, he defined the basic variables in his calculations – in Chapter Two he lays out the mechanism of exponential growth. The idea of exponential growth in economics goes back to Malthus and the Essay on the Principle of Population, first publishedContinue reading “Piketty: Chapter 2”

The Piketty Project: Introduction

Why Piketty? I have, for quite some time now, wanted to work through Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century – a book I have owned for two years but have not yet read in its entirety. Like many folks, I read the introduction shortly after getting it. And I have read a grip of reviewsContinue reading “The Piketty Project: Introduction”